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Military Justice Handbook,
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Law on the Battlefield
Law on the Battlefield (3rd Ed) by
A.P.V. Rogers
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P.W. Singer
Corporate Warriors, by P.W.Singer
The Conduct of Hostilities Under the Law of International Armed Conflict [Paperback] The Conduct of Hostilities Under the Law of International Armed Conflict
by Yoram Dinstein
International Criminal Law,
by Antonio Cassese

Hitler 1936-1945: Nemesis, by Ian Kershaw

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Aspals Poll Results
Should Courts-Martial Be Abolished?
Responses: 50
No : 72% (36 votes)
Yes: 28% (14 votes)

Soldiers should be allowed a federation.
Click here for the result.
Click here for EU Recommendation.
Should those who incite attacks on British troops be prosecuted?
50 responses. Link here
Yes: 94%
Do not know: 2%
No: 4%
Should Women serve in combat units?
Yes: 57.58% (38 votes)
No: 42.42% (28 votes)
Are the Armed Forces overstretched?
Responses: 50
Yes : 98% (49 votes)
No : 2% (1 vote)
Should other services exercise disciplinary powers over soldiers?
50 responses. Link here for details.
How useful do you find the news items on this site?
50 responses. Link
here for details.
Do you have confidence in the Court-Martial system?
100 responses. Link here for details.
A service federation is a good thing?
34 responses. Link here for details.
Next poll: To be announced :
Last Poll: Who would be best as Director of Service Prosecutions
62 responses. Link
here for details.
Last Poll: Did NATO exceed the UN mandate for Libya? Click here for details.

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