There are 4 format options for those with annual subscriptions to the Military Justice Handbook. Please choose the one that is appropriate for your device.
This revolutionary way of providing legal text books at sensible prices makes access to the current law easier and affordable for everyone.

The Military Justice Handbook is an innovative way of publishing text books and keeping them up to date. Instead of relying on inserts and page print outs, the whole electronic version of the Military Justice Handbook can be downloaded each time it is updated. In this way, you never have an out of date text book. Importantly, it is accessible from anywhere in the world if you have the on-line up-date service.

To learn more of the purchasing options available, please visit the explanatory page which provides the details you need to buy a subscription. Then you can return here and, for the next 12 months, download the latest version each time it is updated.

For those who are unable to access their parent device, but who need to access the Military Justice Handbook, just click on the link to open in HTML format. This works in any browser, so you will always have peace of mind. If you are prosecuting or defending at a court martial overseas, why add weight to your luggage when a subscription to the electronic update service will provide the information you need.

These methods of access should be straightforward and trouble free but, if you do encounter any problems, then use the contact form to pass on details of the problem.