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Information on Searching and Search Terms:
  • Name Search   Inputting part of a name will find all cases which include those letters eg, Buchan will also list Buchanan

  • Case Reference:   If inputting the full reference does not result in a successful search, try just inputting the year. If you input eg 2010, then all decisions in 2010 will be listed.

  • Subject:   This option searches the headings or classifications of offences. If the result you want does not appear, try a key word or use the Summary search.

  • Indexed File:   Available for purchase at a small cost. Most contain links and bookmarks within the pdf to facilitate navigation and research.

  • Summary:   This option will produce results from the summary of the facts of the case. You can search for cases in which a particular Advocate appeared or judge presided. It will also list all cases which have cited other cases. For example, if you want to find all cases where Findlay was referred to, then you should search using the Summary option.

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